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We have two books that will assist you in your dreams' growth, development, and success.

Book titled building Business Wealth: Wisdom From a Growth and Development Coach

If you own a small business or want to own a small business, this book is for you. Far too many business owners work more than they should for the return they get as entrepreneurs. In my experiences, what once was a dream and gleam in business owners' eyes have faded and their life balance eroded. Once you understand and operate from the perspective that the primary purpose of your business is to serve your life, everything changes. The strategies, tactics, and tools I provide in this book will give you the needed breakthroughs for success. Now is the time and place to start!

Book titled Strategic Solutions in 60 Minutes: Revenue Generating Techniques That Work in Any Business

This book aims to walk you through a process I’ve created where I can find any business a minimum of $30,000 in just 60 minutes for small business owners.

I will go through 8 simple strategies that are proven revenue generators for any small business. Most business owners know nothing about these strategies, and therefore, are failing to capitalize on their revenue-generating power.