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Strategic Aligned Solutions offers precise business development services to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With our professional assistance, you can successfully grow and even expand your company.

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How Our Company Was Formed

Our business originally started in 2001 as River Run Resources.  In 2003, we incorporated to become Strategic Alliance Solutions, LLC.  

Serving Various Firms in Different Industries

As international experienced professionals with diverse educational backgrounds, our team has been trusted by different companies.  We have had the privilege to offer organizational development and improvement initiatives across a diverse path of:

  • Different Industries
  • Marketplace Sectors
  • Business Experiences

Passionate in Assisting Business Owners

We love what we get to do and know that it is these diverse experiences that give us an advantage in the industry. With our position, we are able to work diligently to help firm owners face today’s economic challenges and be tomorrow’s success stories.

Get to Know Our Founder

The firm was founded and is still managed by David J. Gregory, MS, CBSP.  David is passionate about life quality and that each person fully pursues their unique path and destiny successfully. 

David’s Family and Other Interests

Husband to Julie, Dad to four sons and three grandchildren to date. Additionally, David is a proud US Navy Veteran and Michigan State University Spartan. He has authored two books and is an avid big water boater.

David Gregory
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Offering Excellent Business Development Solutions

We understand that business owners today are intensely looking for fast access to the answers they need to grow their firm and sustain a competitive advantage. You can rely on our team to assist you with what you need. Our core services include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Performance Interventions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Company Culture Assessments and Alignment
  • Personality and Leadership Assessments

How Our Services Can Help You

Our company has and will provide you with access to tools, resources, and support that your business needs to expand. Aside from this, we will guide you to grow your revenues faster and with greater confidence and certainty.

Satisfying Your Requirements

Everything we do is based on returns on investments and our main function is to transfer our knowledge and experience to you. We are familiar with the usual problems, fears, and concerns of business owners, so you can surely rely on our assistance.

Reach Out to Us Today

Do not lose anymore time and revenue. Get in touch with us today! Let us become acquainted and discuss how to get your peace of mind back. Focus on your business's future and intended lifestyle as we create strategies for organizational growth.

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